Use Our Appliance Cleaning Service in St. Louis, MO

Use Our Appliance Cleaning Service in St. Louis, MO

Don't let your appliances house germs

You probably run the self-cleaning function on your oven once in a while, but how frequently do you deep clean your dishwasher or your washing machine? Did you know that your appliances, even the ones used to clean, need periodic cleaning themselves? Chances are, your appliances are way overdue. Fortunately, the team at 1st Choice Services can help. Our friendly appliance cleaning service staff will have your appliances squeaky clean in just a few hours.

Book our much-needed oven cleaning service for your home in St. Louis, MO today.

We won't turn away from the dirtiest appliance

Is there a spill in your fridge you can't identify? Does your washing machine have an unpleasant smell? Our staff can help. We offer our comprehensive:

Dryer vent cleaning service
Oven cleaning service
Fridge condenser cleaning service
Dishwasher cleaning service
Wall oven cleaning service
Stove cleaning service

Your dirty appliance won't scare off our team of experts. We'll have it smelling fresh and looking better in no time. Ask about our appliance cleaning service in St. Louis, MO now.