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Hire Us for Refrigerator Repair Services in St. Louis, MO

Stop finding spoiled or freezer-burned food in your home's refrigerator or freezer

Your refrigerator is crucial to your everyday life -- it keeps all your perishable food fresh. Your refrigerator can also cost you a fortune if it stops working. Throwing out hundreds of dollars in spoiled food is wasteful and just no fun. Prevent this scenario by contacting 1st Choice Appliance Repair. We can catch refrigerator problems when they're small and prevent future issues by keeping your unit clean.

Ask about our refrigerator repair services and our refrigerator cleaning services in St. Louis, MO as soon as possible.

Don't ignore that puddle under your fridge

Refrigerator issues, such as leaks, often start small. However, after some time, that small leak can become a major flood, and that struggling fridge may stop cooling altogether. Be on the lookout for potential problems, and call for refrigerator repair services right away if you notice that:

Your refrigerator or freezer isn't cold enough
Water is leaking on the floor
Your refrigerator is cycling too often
There is ice buildup in your freezer
Your refrigerator is too cold
The front controls on your fridge are not working

Make an appointment today for refrigerator repair services in St. Louis, MO today. Don't forget to ask about our refrigerator cleaning services. We'll make sure your unit looks good and runs well.